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Welcome to MissingPitchers!
This site is dedicated to the family of Danielle and Dorothy Pitcher,
who disappeared over 25 years ago without a trace.

Danielle and Dorothy Pitcher


Danielle 14   Dorothy - 47

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Benefit Ride for Danielle and Dorothy, June 1, 2013

Poem From National Missing Children's Day, 29 May 1014

Disappeared Sunday, May 23, 1993,
while walking from their home to a local store in Sunizona, Arizona.

The Pitcher family, friends and a group of volunteers last visited and spoke out to the Citizens, Police and the Media in and around Sunizona, and Cochise County, Arizona, May 2001. At that time, Missingpitchers joined forces with Dawnnie Consultants as we copied the route Danielle and Dorothy Pitcher were last seen walking when they disappeared. We handed out fliers, held up signs for all passing motorists, printed up and wore T-shirts, necklaces, magnets and pamphlets with information regarding the case of Danielle and Dorothy Pitcher. We conducted Physical searches in areas of interest in the high desert of Arizona hoping to find a clue, any clue. Although it did not produce their where-abouts, we are still working on several other leads that could lead to some closure for the Pitcher Family.

We talked to anyone that would listen! And we are confident that Someone Knows Something and they just need a friendly nudge to speak up! We do yearly mass mailings to citizens, businesses, and prison facilities. We are still active in trying to continue to get the word out in hopes of finding Danielle and Dorothy!

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Someone, somewhere knows something!

Dawnne Consultants / Dawn Pitcher
PO Box 616
Monson, MA 01057


Thanks to the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation Memorial Reward Foundation (www.carolesundfoundation.com) we now have a $5000.00 reward in place for information leading to the whereabouts (and arrest of the suspects) of Dorothy and Danielle Pitcher. Please visit their web site for more heartwarming stories of missing individuals. The Pitcher family and the Cochise County Sheriff's Department (www.co.cochise.az.us) wish to extend their thanks to the Foundation and it's Executive Director, Kim Petersen for the reward.

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